Ann is a skillful and effective professional

A medical provider had me sign to agree to a test which she said would cost me $20 and would not require my insurance to be billed. Five months later, I got a notice from my insurance company, stating that this test cost $6,000.00 and that my insurance claim (which I had not personally filed) was denied. Ann worked to investigate this matter with both the insurance company and the testing company. She reviewed all the documents, set up conference calls and represented me with clarity and professionalism. In the end, I paid only the $20.00. Ann is organized, knowledgeable, patient and very pleasant to work with and explains everything very well. I highly recommend her services. MB

Massive Hospital Bill

I had a visitor from Europe who became critically ill and required hospitalization. He had multiple neurosurgeries and spent more than 2 weeks in the ICU. His insurance didn’t provide coverage in the US, and the bills totaled nearly $270,000 from 10 different service providers. Ann led the effort to apply for financial aid, negotiate lower fees, and ensure that the bills wouldn’t be sent to collection agencies. The end result was that the bills were reduced to $16,000, i.e., a 94% reduction. I hadn’t imagined that such a reduction was possible, and it required relatively little input from me or my visitor. Ann’s fees were very reasonable, and she stayed on top of the negotiations with the various service providers, which minimized the stress of a very difficult situation. I was very satisfied with both the process and the outcome. DK


ASR Medical Billing Consultant did an excellent job of advocating medical forms and verbal communications among three different insurance firms. She was precise and took care of the forms in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others that needed a good advocate.

– M.C.


This is in regards to the training that you gave to my wife and me. Your knowledge and abilities to teach how to file and organize hundreds of papers is outstanding for a person like me who is really short when it comes to reading, I can walk into my computer room and pick up the booklet that I may need from 1991 till today, and every page in the booklet is perfectly in place. My wife and I would like to thank you. Thank you.

– S.R.

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